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Welcome To Sky Profile - Safety nets are our specialty and a priority in today's construction sector. Please take time to view our web site if this subject is important to your company and employees.

Call Sky Profile UK Ltd today on 01443 830089 0r 07535 125447

Our team of professionals are ready to take your call and discuss your safety netting needs.

The Team

Sky Profile UK Ltd has over the years built a very professional and conscientious team. We have undertaken specialist safety net work all over the UK and we are still looking to expand.

Our Technology

At Sky Profile UK Ltd we have invested in the technology and training to ensure our professionalism and experience can be complimented by today’s high standards of safety and awareness.

The Company

Sky Profile UK Ltd is a new business but we have been operating within the Construction Industry for many years providing safety netting for a variety of applications including New Build, etc.

Sky Profile UK Ltd has the experience, and quality needed to flourish in the safety netting sector and will continue to develop as the industry evolves. We look forward to hearing from your company in the near future. Gavin Jones, Director.

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